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Recommended Paintball Guns For Beginners

Imagine holding your first ever paintball gun, a $250 Tippmann series. Then imagine breaking it, by accidentally crashing into a tree while covering your teammates. Now that doesn’t sound too good, does it? Your first paintball gun should be one you can afford to break and upgrade on the fly, as your skills and requirements rise. In this article we’ll try to give you picture of what models you could choose for your first paintball gun. There is no such thing as ‘the best paintball gun’.

Paintball Protection – The Kit You Need to Protect Yourself

Paintball is one of the safest sports you can play according to recently release statistics. The main reason that serious injuries are so low playing paintball is because of the fact that there is a big emphasis on wearing the correct safety gear.

Paintball Gun Safety – Play Safe and Have Fun!

Some consider paintball an extreme sport. Extremely fun? Yes! Extremely safe? If you follow the rules, yes!

Which Features Matter When Buying a Paintball Marker?

Paintball wouldn’t be much fun without the actual gun; so you might as well get one that suits your needs. When you are buying a paintball marker (a paintball gun), there are many important features which the gun should account for, including the position of the trigger, the force required to fire the trigger, the loader (hopper) system and many, many other features. This article will guide you through the main features that a paintball marker should have, along with pointers in which playing conditions the features are needed.

Buying Paintball Guns Online

If you are planning to buy paintball guns on the internet, there’s a chance that you have previously owned a paintball gun and already have a model in mind, but are hesitant to buy it. This article offers an overview of some of the most popular online paintball gun shops and what to keep in mind when buying paintball guns online, along with some advice to help you determine whether or not you should actually buy paintball markers online.

Get Into the Hobby of Airsoft

Guide on the requirements and equipment needed to get into the hobby of airsoft. Many people are getting into airsoft as a hobby due to it’s exciting military style of play, as well as the fact that it is relatively cheap in cost. Airsoft is a term used to describe a sport or hobby, which is similar to paintball where players utilize military style weapons that fire bb’s and military style tactics to play the game.

Not Your Daddy’s BB Gun

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear the phrase BB gun is Ralphie from the movie A Christmas Story dreaming of receiving a Daisy Red Ryder for Christmas. This simple, single shot lever action rifle released in 1938 by Daisy Inc. has stood the test of time and is still sold today.

How to Choose the Best Wakeboarding Ropes & Handles

Before you just go out and buy any rope you need to consider a couple of things prior to doing so. The rope that you end up buying will have a lot to do with your current skill level and of course your current budget. Although a rope will not be a determining factor of whether or not you are going to master wakeboarding, it will help in your journey to ride better.

Airsoft – A General Summary of the Sport

Airsoft is a sport very similar to paintball, with one major difference: the players shoot each other with hard plastic airsoft BBs rather than paintballs. Much like paintball, the rules are very simple: once you get hit once, you are out for the rest of the match. However, it is sometimes difficult to know if you have been hit or not, due to the fact that airsoft guns shoot plastic BBs that leave no visible blotch of paint (which means that you literally have to feel the bb hit you in order to know that you have been shot).

2009 Motocross Secrets

Motocross is getting more and more complicated there is always some new stunts,rules and many more things to take into consideration. You need to have the best gear the best bike and lots of experience if you want to make it in motocross.Here are some more ways to look at motocross and a few hints to help you be one of the best motocross riders you can be.I will also show you were to get some great deals on gear, parts and accessories. I will show you all of the secrets you need to know for 2009 motocross.

Do You Want to Learn Inline Skating?

Inline skating is the most common skating or roller skating activity. Some people call inline skating recreational skating or fitness skating because of the benefits it offers.

Paintball Guns and Accessories For the Beginner

The equipment requirements of paintball are simple and inexpensive, making it a great way for friends and family to enjoy an exciting pastime appropriate for nearly every age and skill level. With only paintball goggles and paintball guns, you can soon be transported back to childhood in a real life fantasy shootout, without the dangers of real guns.

Key Insight to Airsoft Green Gas

Get to know what is inside the can when you go to get an airsoft gas replacement. You can get the gas for cheaper, but you need to know what you are doing to make it work it right.

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