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What Are Acrobats?

Acrobats are men and women who turn handsprings and somersaults, throw each other around, jump, and do other tricks requiring strength and skill. They perform in circuses, on the stage, and on television shows.

M16 Airsoft Gun – Getting Started in Airsoft With the M16

Many people choose the M16 Airsoft Gun as their first Airsoft rifle because it is one of the most versatile rifles in the world. It is also a replica of the standard issue rifle for many of the world’s best armed forces. It is also one of the most mass produced rifles in the world, being outdone by only a small number of other rifles like the AK47.

Skydiving Tips For Beginners

Skydiving can be a really fun experience. But before the first jump it is best for anyone to understand the rules and the risks that exist in skydiving. If you are well prepared, surely you are going to enjoy the experience at it best and also the risks will be much less.

Paintball Drills – 3 Drills For Tournament Success!

Drills are the key to success in any team sport. With these 3 drills start seeing a huge turn around for your players and team.

Benefits of Camouflage Clothing in Paintball (Woods Ball)

Wearing camouflage clothing while playing paintball in the woods ball scenario has great benefits. Durability and comfort should be topmost on your list.

Paintball Marker Maintenance For Best Performance

As with many things both mechanical and non-mechanical, paintball marker maintenance is a good and necessary thing. Using a few elementary steps can save you time and money in the long run.

Review of the Tippmann A5 Paintball Marker

A review of my Tippmann A5 paintball marker. As with most everything it has good as well as not-so-good points.

BMXer Mat Hoffman Sees His Invention Become a National Competition in X Games Big Air Ramp

Mat Hoffman has jumped off of most things you can think of, including a cliff in Norway and the Great Wall of China. But his biggest joy came this week, when the X Games officially opened their Big Air competition – a style of BMX riding that Hoffman himself invented.

Airsoft Tactics to Improve Your Skills

These tactics, once proven successful, might be accepted as ‘tactical doctrine.’ They are cornerstones on winning battles either actual or not.

Get Away From it All in the Extreme

For anyone that is looking for a physical challenge, to test their minds and bodies to the limit. Any one of these extreme challenges could be something to get you motivated.

Is Buying Cheap Paintball Guns Preferable?

One of the concerns of buyers of items all over the world is affordability. Of course the considerations such as the quality and durability will also come up during procurement of equipments like paintball markers, grenade launchers and caliber paintball. All these equipments are essential for smoothly playing the game of paintball that is gradually turning into one of the most popular games in the market.

Finding the Best Paintball Marker

Suitable equipments will always make the game playing exotic and interesting. In paintball games, paintball marker is the primary equipment. It is imperative that the equipment is one of the best available so that it can make the gaming experience exciting and entertaining for the player.

Quality Paintball Guns and Gear Could Make All the Difference

Utility of high quality equipments in the game of paintball is more important in comparison to many others. Much depends on the efficiency and quality of the devices. Despite having the highest levels of skills, players may end up in disaster due to inferior quality of paintball guns or paintball gear used by them.

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