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Taking Paintball to the Next Level

The world of paintball wars is an interesting one. Some of the best battlefields for the game involve miles and miles of open terrain.

Taking the Same Ole’ Kiteboard Vacation? That’s So Yesterday!

True story: Two kitesurfers get back from separate kiteboarding holidays and post pictures on Facebook. One kitesurfer went to Caberete, Dominican Republic. And the other kitesurfer went to Cape Town, South Africa. Both kitesurfers are from the same city in the Netherlands and both kitesurfers are about the same kitesurfing level. And more importantly, both kitesurfers have about the same amount of friends on Facebook, and definitely the same group of kiting friends on Facebook.

The Function of Paintball Pods

Without a doubt paintball markers and paintball are vital in a paintball game. Even those who are not familiar with the game know that these are very important equipment in playing. Without these the game is never possible.

Finding the Ideal Paintball Vests

The player’s success in paintball depends greatly on his strategy and physical conditioning. The equipments used also plays a vital role in the accomplishment of the game. Equipment such as paintball guns and paintballs are very important for without those no one can enjoy the game.

Airsoft Masks – A Life Saver

Some airsoft players may find airsoft masks a nuisance when playing the game, but this piece of equipment is used for a very vital purpose and that is to protect the player from the danger of getting hit in the face especially the eyes. When one gets struck in the eyes it does not only lead to blindness but death as well. There are also other safety gears used but it is the mask which has a very important role.

Snowkiting, The Ultimate Winter Boardsport

Ever wish you could snowboard wherever you wanted, including across snow covered fields and frozen lakes buries in powder? How about up hills as well as down? With the power of a kiteboarding kite and 10 miles an hour of wind or more, you can.

Jetboat Rides – Top 5 Reasons You Need To Do It

Out of life’s monotony, a thirst for adventure will emerge, and what better way to take an adventure than to go on a jetboat ride. It’s the easiest way to unload a week full of stress and best of all, it’s not as time consuming to prepare for, all it takes is planning. A jetboat ride is a great adventure for a number of reasons, here are just a few.

10 Great Jet Boat Locations in Australia

The perfect water adventure is now available with jetboating! Its fun, it’s easy, and within your reach! Australia boasts some of the most amazing jet boat ride adventures with spectacular scenery that is second to none. Here are 10 of the best locations to jet boat in Australia.

Jetboat Rides – 4 Reasons Why They Make A Great Gift

The endless search for a perfect gift that would suit almost everyone in your friend and family list ends as you get to know about jetboating. A jetboat ride puts a halt to the never ending gift searching dilemma, where you spend more time in relentlessly thinking and searching for a perfect gift rather than the time to enjoy giving it! Put your reservations to rest, as you read on how a jetboat ride can be the totally perfect gift for anyone on your list.

California’s Top Spots for Kayak Tours

When it comes to Kayak tour spots, there are a lot of places to choose from in California. Kayaking is a fun summer activity that almost anyone who can paddle can do. There are a number of top kayaking spots in the state where avid kayakers can enjoy the best of Mother Nature.

How to Become the Best Sniper With the Best Paintball Sniper Rifle

You must be one of those who enjoy his weekends playing paintball with his paintball mates. And maybe, you are a sniper and therefore one of your team’s specialized operators. Then you must enjoy tracking your opponents like prey and then hitting them silently with a single shot from your paintball sniper rifle.

Paintball Nitrogen Tank and HPA – What’s the Difference?

Of course you know what paintball is. It is a popular sports activity that started on the 80’s wherein opponents (teams or individuals) will try to “kill” each other by a paintball weapon. The weapons contain capsules that have paint and so it is easy to see if the opponent has been hit because he’ll be smeared with paint of course. Now these weapons or paintball markers are being powered or propelled by a nitrogen tank.

What to Look for in an Airsoft Mask

Finding the right gear for airsoft can be very overwhelming especially because nowadays there are numerous products with numerous features that are obtainable in the market. When you search the internet you will all the more be bewildered with what to buy.

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