Dye CZR Efficiency Test – Beginner Speedball Marker | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

How to Get a Good Start When Drag Racing ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Ever wonder how some people with slower machines consistently beat the faster machines they drag race against? It is all about getting the right start, or getting that perfect “hole shot” as some people would call it. But it does take a little practice in order to master this drag racing technique. When it comes to drag racing, it is safe to say that the take off is the single most important factor that you will need to get learn to perfect.

Is Paintball a Healthy Hobby?

Paintball is a healthy extreme sport that almost anyone can play. Which is a lot more rare than most people realize; there are relatively few sports that include everyone.

The S-Thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell Will Add Realism to Your Airsoft Gun Battles

If there is one thing that everybody who enjoys war games wants, it is going to be battle like realism whenever they are out in the field. If this sounds like you the one item that you may want to include in your arsenal is the S-thunder Shocker Airsoft Paintball 40mm Shell.

Festivals Around the World Celebrating Hot Air Balloons

Most festivals afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy flights at a much lower price than one might fight outside the festival. Whatever might motivate you to attend, the hot air balloon festival won’t disappoint.

Cleaning Your Airsoft Revolver

The key to having a long lasting Airsoft revolver is to always keep it clean and regularly oil the moving parts within the revolver. The last thing you want is your Airsoft revolver to jam up on you while you are playing a game of Airsoft. Depending on the style of revolver you own, the parts that you usually will be cleaning are basically the same.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers – Reviewing the Classic Army M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher

There is always going to be a weapon that you fall back on whenever it seems that all hope is lost. When you are on the Airsoft battlefield, this weapon is going to be the Classic Army M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. These grenades usually hold up to 165 Airsoft BBs, enough to give anybody a shower that they won’t soon forget.

Spec Ops Brand Products – How Spec Ops Airsoft Gear Will Make Your Battles Better and More Enjoyable

There is so much more to war games then the weaponry that is going to be carried onto the field. When playing Airsoft games, it also has to do with the packs and gear that you take on which can really make a difference in your game play.

Airsoft Accessories – Three Airsoft Accessories That Everyone Should Have For Their Next Battle

There are many different types of Airsoft accessories that you have available to you to make your battles much more realistic and enjoyable. You would probably be surprised with the number of different options that you have available, the sky is literally the limit.

Add Some Realism to Your Airsoft Games With the S-Thunder Water Powder Dual Use Airsoft Landmine

If you really want to add an authentic feel to your airsoft games, there is nothing quite like adding a land mine. Although you have several different options that are available to you, one of the more popular options is the S-Thunder Water Powder Dual Use Airsoft Landmine.

Is Paintball Better Than Airsoft?

Both sports are incredibly awesome, and very similar, but not many of us have the free time available to play both of these extreme sports. So is paintball better than airsoft?

What is a Airsoft BB Gun?

The term “Airsoft” is used to describe both a type of weapon system as well as a type of activity. In this article, we will endeavor to explain both.

How to Run Fast – Effective Netball Skills & Drills

Netball is a hugely social sport, and netball drills can go a long way towards everyone young and old to having even more enjoyment. There are a number of fundamental aspects of Netball that players new and experienced should be good at, with effective drills and practice being part of a weekly routine for serious players.

Is a Paintball Bazooka a Good Investment?

Yes, a paintball bazooka does look cool, and against a stand still target, a paintball bazooka will own. Unfortunately paintball bazookas are simply too impractical, and will not be a good option on the paintball field.

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