Does Adjusting Dye DSR+ Flex SFR Solenoid Make a Difference | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Stealth Tactics Will Be the Most Ideal Strategies to Make Use of in Paint Ball

Paint ball will give you an adrenaline rush as it will give you a real feeling of what is like to go to attack as if at war. Firepower and manpower do matter.

Choosing Features of Paintball Guns

For serious players, paintball guns are a necessity to be at the top of their game. The balance must be right, it has to hold sufficient ammunition and must fire properly at all times.

Electric Motor Light Sports Airplanes and the Law

The United States Federal Aviation Administration rule that Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) must be powered only by reciprocating engines, forbids manufacturing and sales of electric motor powered light sport aircraft here in the states, while developers worldwide experiment, develop, and prepare to market LSA in their country. That particular FAA posture is not totally discouraging but is some what frustrating according to Randall Fishman, an ultra light pilot who is currently developing an electric two-seat sport plane. A couple of the aviation designers, around the world, who are experimenting with LSA electric-powered designs include Boeing, Altatus, as well…

What to Look For When Buying Paintball Guns and Gear

The paintball sport is one of the ultimate thrill sports available today, and many people are getting into it more now than ever. There are the casual users and the die hard players alike.

Make Paintball Part of a Fitness Plan

The sport of paintball has grown by leaps and bounds since it first started about 15 years ago. For people who do not like to always go to a gym and run in place on a treadmill, this may be the game for them.

Learning Basics For the Sport of Paintball

Paintball is a sport that has become widely popular over the past few years. The sport isn’t limited to seasons and can actually be played all year round.

Fill Paintball Tanks at Home – The 3 Things You Need

Being able to fill tanks is a service every paintball field and store should offer. If you aren’t a store, and just want the luxury of being able to fill your tanks whenever you want, then that’s fine too. It’s pretty awesome to be able to skip the trips to the store to get tanks filled, especially if the nearest place is an hour a way.

Scenario Paintball Gear Vests – 3 Key Features to Look For

When looking for a vest, it is important to remember at least three things: durability, design, and fit. These three factors can ultimately help you find the best one for you, and keep you satisfied with it for years to come. Furthermore, the best vest for you will supply these three factors, without destroying your wallet.

Camo Paintball Masks & Gear – Dominate Through Stealth

Camo is an invaluable tool for a hunter. In nature you can find many examples of camouflage being implemented by predators. A predator will use it to mask their presence from unsuspecting prey.

Looking For a Modern Approach to Keep Fit? Try Paint Ball

In the US paintball is growing at an substantive rate. Recently a poll was put forward which showed that millions of the population have since started joining in with paintball in this country alone.

Paintball Gear Vest – Find the Best One For You

When trying to find the perfect vest, you should always consider these three things: durability, design, and fit. When picking which vest to buy, make sure it meets these three criteria to ensure you have the range of motion, level of durability, and design features that fit your needs. A great vest for you will deliver all of these facets, without emptying your wallet.

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