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Sorry for this video being a little longer but the information is a little more in depth than other videos I’ve done.


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White Water Locations in the UK – Holme Pierrepont

White Water Rafting and water sports activities are on the increase; this is because of a number of factors, one being the increase of exposure and diversity involved in water sports. The other factor is the increase in the amount of facilities, to participate in these sports. As most of England is flat there are not many areas that generate natural white water to enjoy water sports, such as rafting or kayaking.

White Water Kayaking and Rafting Locations in the UK – River Orchy

We take a look at the River Orchy and how it has become one of the best natural white water locations in the UK. We provide details of access and where to find the best spots on the river for kayaking and rafting.

White Water Kayaking Locations in the UK – The River Dart Loop Section

In England there are very few places that offer white water rafting and kayaking opportunities in natural environments. In Dartmoor there is the River Dart, this is the probably the most consistent river for producing natural white water in England. As water sports have grown in popularity, seeking out locations to pursue your hobby in a natural environment is getting more difficult because of restriction limits.

White Water Kayaking Locations in the UK – The River Dart Loop Lower Section

We continue our guide of the River Dart in Dartmoor, probably the most popular location in the UK for natural white water rafting and kayaking. There are three main sections to the River Dart, the Upper, Lower and Loop sections all have their own unique aspects and are challenging to a range of kayakers of all different levels. In the last article we were half way down the Loop sections and we had just navigated the ‘Lovers Leap’ section.

Improving Your Airsoft Game Off the Field

If you want to get better at airsoft, you have to take a several measures to improve your body in other ways. Combined with plenty of airsoft practice, you are sure to become an incredible airsoft player by using these tips.

Deciding on the Right Airsoft Gun

There are many things you need to consider when choosing an airsoft gun, and this article explains the various factors you need to deliberate upon. The more thought you give to this critical issue, the happier you’ll ultimately be!

White Water Rafting and Kayaking in the UK – Hurley Lock

White Water Rafting and White Water Kayaking are one of the few sports where there are limited facilities in various areas of the country. The south and east of England there is no natural white water because the countryside is mainly flat and has not produced the natural elements needed to create such a flow. As these areas are highly populated and the requirements for the sport are apparent then kayakers and rafters seek man-made weirs or constructions.

White Water Locations in the UK – River Findhorn

Many of the White Water River locations in the UK are renowned for having a low volume of water and therefore are not suitable all-year round for activities. These rivers offer another challenge to kayakers and rafters as the majority of the rivers require a more technical approach. This is beneficial for many kayakers and rafters as this increases their abilities to perform precise manoeuvres, which will serve them well when the water volume and rivers are larger.

White Water Rafting Locations in the UK – Afon Tryweryn

White Water Rivers in the UK are more often than not low volume and quite often a more technical challenge than larger rivers. As the volume for many of these rivers is quite low the best opportunity to have the best run is just after or during heavy rain. This is quite typical in the UK as rainfall is very much a common event throughout the year, so opportunities are plentiful.

The History of White Water Kayaking

To locate the start of Kayaking we go to the Inuit people of the arctic, these were the first inventor of kayaking and the kayak as we know it today. The very first kayaks were made from wooden frames, and then covered in sealskin to give a strong frame and a waterproof lining. The kayaks included a small hole in the middles of the structure, where the kayaker sits; the Inuit people mostly used these kayaks for hunting.

Paintball Masks – An Important Piece of Paintball Gear

Paintball masks are an extremely important piece of paintball gear. They help protect our face (and especially our eyes) from taking damage from direct hits or from splash paint. Either of those could cause permanent damage, including blindness.

Sniper Paintball Guns – Weapons for Paintball Snipers

The Sniper Paintball Gun is an excellent choice of weapons. This is something every Paintball Sniper needs to have in their arsenal for playing in Paintball Games. Please note though that some fields or games may forbid the use of them, so you will need to check up on those before taking one out with you on the field.

Tactical Paintball Gear for the Enthusiast

Tactical paintball gear instantly sparks the thoughts of James Bond and his use of high-tech weaponry to take care of his mission. Although this is not quite how it works in the game of paintball, there are some similarities. First of all, there are most definitely weapons other than just the normal semi-automatic rifles.

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