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Take AIM Airsoft Magazine – Reviewing This Awesome New Airsoft Gun Publication

Take AIM Airsoft magazine is an Irish based Bi monthly publication that has recently become available in the United states. Each issue is roughly 70 full color glossy pages long and is jammed full of awesome air soft information. This cool magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the hobby of soft air guns!

The Most Powerful Airsoft Gun

Airsoft gun sports is a rapidly upcoming recreational sport that is taking the nation by a storm. This has caused a huge stir among the pellet guns manufacturers which has led to the revolution in airsoft guns. Gone are the days when people used to play missions in the forest with spring powered pellet guns.

The Right Mountainboard For You

Numerous occasions I have observed people riding mountainboards that are either too small for them or even too large for them. An excellent board with regard to kiteboarding isn’t likely to make an excellent mountainboard.

Airsoft Gas Guns – CO2 Vs Green Gas

Gas airsoft guns are one of three types of guns used in airsoft. While Spring-loaded guns need to be hand-cocked each time and electric guns run on battery power, gas guns are fueled by gasses such as CO2 and Green Gas.

Towable Tubes – How Do You Hook Them Up

So you have done your homework. You studied all of the ski tubes and finally made your purchase. Excitement is in the air.

What Are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns can be said to be the exact duplications of the real firearms. They are as intricate as the actual guns, so much so you will find that you can learn pretty much about the real rifle that it has been reproduced on. These guns are only meant for leisure time entertainment.

8 Tips For Purchasing Paintball Markers

Now you have finally decided that paintball marking is the sport for you. You are up to the grueling physical challenge that it offers, you enjoy the competitiveness of the game, and you appreciate the camaraderie and bonding that it brings to the teams and the individual players.

Paintball For Newbies – Some Helpful Tips

Got the paintball marker, will play! You have purchased a kickass pair of goggles, bought a slammin’ piece of paintball artillery, joined a team, and today is your very first competition event exposure.

Tippmann Paintball Guns – An Introduction

Now that you already caught the paintball fever, it’s important to know the basic equipment needed to increase the action in the playing field. As a beginner, it is less important for you to consider the name and quality of the brand because the idea is to begin with any equipment that is cheap.

Different Types of Airsoft BBs

Picking out the right airsoft bb is critical in the game of airsoft. Having the wrong size, type or weight could even damage your gun. They are making improvements on airsoft ammunition constantly.

Motocross Racing For Kids – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

When starting your child in motorsports at a young age it is important that they have fun. Between ages 5-7 children need to be shown the family fun of motorsports more than the details of throttle control and late braking.

Paintball Pistol

Typically pistols are the weapon of preference for officers within the area. Whilst they are light-weight and simple to carry about, they will lack the precision of a great rifle.

Different Wake Boarding Tricks

Wake boarding is a water sport like water skiing. The sport is done using a wakeboard which the boarder rides above the surface of the water. This sport is similar to surfboard and is pulled at the back of the boat. Like in water skiing, riders are pulled behind the boat in a slower pace of 16 – 23 miles per hour. Wake boards can turn faster, jump higher, flip over and pull harder. The floating boards are 120 to 147 cm in length depending to the weight and 45 cm in width.

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