Caught Him Outside Tape Line – Paintball #Shorts

I play paintball on the edge; the edge line of the field that is. When I catch someone playing outside of the field limits; I just eliminate them rather than make them feel like an idiot. Drop a like for more #paintball #shorts!

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Buying A Freefly Suit As A First Skydiving Suit

If you’re new to skydiving, you have probably noticed the huge range of skydiving gear out there. There are all sorts of suits, add-ons and other equipment that you can buy to enhance your skydiving experience. But don’t let that scare you.

Paintball Gun Packages Are a Quick Way To Get Into The Game

Paintball is an action-packed game. Age, sex, or size is no barrier to those who wish to play. Paintball is a hobby to some and a sport to others; a strategic game of survival and skill. The only requirement is that the participant is willing to move and get a little dirty.

The Practice Of Slacklining

Slacklining isn’t something you hear very much about these days, because people see it more as tightrope walking. It is when one walks across a strap usually one inch across, anchored down between two points. Some do it with the strap close to the ground, some do it a couple feet higher, like circus performers.

How Skydive Jumpsuits Affect Your Fall Rate

Skydive jumpsuits are different things to different people. Some see jumpsuits as a pretty cool fashion accessory. Others see them as a necessary piece of sports equipment. When you’re first investing in skydiving gear, you’ll probably be looking for something like a freefly suit.

3 Essential Military Gear For Long Challenging Hikes

Thinking of going on a challenging trip into a tropical wilderness? Make sure your have these gear with you.

10 Things To Do Before Your First Parachute Jump

Before you jump with a parachute write your will. Just kidding. Of course there are risks in skydiving but they are not higher than in other extreme sports. Leave wills to those who always worry. Focus on few things that really matter before your first jump.

Wicked Skydive Gear to Buy

When you get hooked on skydiving – and believe me, it will happen – you’ll see other skydivers out there wearing the stuff you want. They’ll have wicked skydive gear including suits and accessories. Even their casual gear will look like it’s made just for the skydiving “in crowd.”

RAP4 T68 Review

The T68 is the perfect paintball gun for advanced players. It is light-weight, realistic and accurate. The gun is undoubtedly one of the most welcomed addition in the RAP4 line. For more information continue reading.

Airsoft Weapons and Accessories: Five Tips For Winning Your Next Match

Have you been struggling to win even with the airsoft weapons & accessories that you already own? The problem might be in those items, and it might be in the tactics that you are using. Airsoft is a very competitive game, and winning is difficult.

The Latest Generation of Laser Tag

Laser tag has came a long way from 1980s smash hit. There are laser tag gaming arenas all around the country and the latest laser tag systems have many new features that the original laser tag didn’t.

How to Choose the Correct Motocross Helmet

Your head is probably the last thing you want to get damaged so choosing the correct motocross helmet is one of the most important things you will do before getting on a motocross bike. Firstly you need to set your budget, how much is your head worth? Not all helmets are the same, to race with one in the UK, EU or US it will have to have been tested and approved to the following standards GOLD ACU, ECE and DOT Snell respectively.

How to Set Up the Most Epic Airsoft Battle Ever

Most airsoft enthusiasts will agree, nothing beats a hardcore, heart-pounding airsoft battle. The trick to executing a successful airsoft skirmish is planning. Create your own epic airsoft battle by following this guide.

Paintball Camo Ghillie Suits for Paintball Snipers -The Ultimate Concealment Paintball Gear

Paintball ghillie suits for paintball snipers. Gone are the days of your team rushing of down the field. Today’s game requires a better understanding of stealth tactics and that is where the paintball camo ghillie suit comes into it’s own.

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