Can a Pod be a Magic Wand? | How To Play Paintball
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Play a trick on the opposing team using only a pod!

Watch. Learn. Win.

Winning 3-Man Tournament Paintball Strategies

Paintball can be played recreationally in the woods behind your house for a super fun past time. If you’re looking for even more adrenaline, consider playing tournament style in an official paintball competition. But don’t expect to take any trophies home if you’re flying by the seat of your pants; tournament players take this game very seriously, competing for a title, sponsorship and even money. Without a strategy and much practice, you will be lucky to place at all competing against teams who know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, there is little written information about how to win paintball tournaments. Keep reading this article for some technical, yet easy to understand strategies you can implement for a 3-man team. Learning and practicing the ideas presented here will give your team a much better chance of securing a spot in the winner’s bracket.

Summer Fun Alert: ATV Safety

Summer fun can involve the safe use of ATV’s. If; however, an accident has occurred with the use of an All Terrain Vehicle, you may need the legal advice of an ATV accident attorney. You may be able to reach a settlement, whether it is with the ATV manufacturer, the owner of the vehicle, or the one who was operating the vehicle involved.

Jet Ski Safety Tips and Guidelines

Gliding across the surface of the water on a jet ski can be exhilarating. Observe standard safety guidelines while using a personal watercraft to avoid injury and accidents.

Safety Measures for Your First Successful Bungee Jump

Being at ease is one of the secrets in life. Now that we’re talking about bungee jumping, you should be comfortable, particularly with what you are wearing. Comfortable clothing is totally different from revealing clothes. So you have to make sure that what you are wearing is neither too tight nor fitted, or so loose that will show off your not to be exposed body parts.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Review

With so many to choose from, shopping for a new paintball marker can be confusing. Not knowing what you’ll and what the differences are between all the different guns available can leave your head spinning. If you play scenario woodsball, you’ll want a marker that’s not only super sturdy but can also be upgraded and customized so you can use it for numerous roles you might want to play. The Tippmann A5 is a great paintball gun to start with for realistic military type play because it’s so cheap priced, easy to take care of and can be transformed from a close quarter sub machine gun to a long range sniper in a flash. If you’re on the fence about which type of marker to buy, keep reading this review article about the Tippmann A5 to determine if it’s the gun for you!

Paintball Gun Air Tank Safety Tips

Paintball guns are powered by compact, pressurized air tanks that hold either CO2 or compressed air. Overall, paintball gun air tanks are safe to use, however certain general precautions should be observed for the safest, most efficient and longest lasting use. Paintball gun air tanks are affordable and readily available for purchase at most sporting goods stores and gun shops that sell air rifles. They are also very easy to find and cheap to buy online. While it’s recommended players are 18 years old to play paintball, there is no age restriction when purchasing tanks; they are sold empty and is it up to the buyer to get them filled. Keep reading this article to learn the ins of outs of using paintball CO2 and compressed air tanks safely and how to get the most out of your tank for the longest play time.

How To Start A Winning Tournament Paintball Team

Playing paintball in the woods with a bunch of friends is an exhilarating and super fun game that most people come back to again and again. Achieving success from working as a unit, enjoying the camaraderie and creating memories you will never forget are just a few of the rewarding experiences you get from working with a team of buddies. To increase your fun even more, try playing on an organized competition team! Throwing a group together to play recreationally is easy and often happens by itself. However building a team that wins tournaments and leads to further opportunities in paintball takes planning, organization and dedication. Keep reading this article to learn some great tips about starting and building a competition paintball team from the ground up.

Basics Of Paintball

Paintball is a game that is normally comprised of two groups. Each needs to cooperate to finish a target. You utilize your paintball marker to dispense with restricting players to attain to this objective. There are two fundamental sorts of paintball games; Scenario and Tournament.

How To Prepare For Your First Paintball Game

Paintball is a fun and exciting game but if you have never played before you may not know what to expect. Showing up prepared will allow you to fully enjoy the experience. Knowing how to play, what the rules are and what initial paintball gear you’ll need will keep you from just being a target for everyone else on the field. Knowing in advance will give you a definite edge and make your game much more fun. Keep reading this article to learn how to prepare for your first paintball game as well as what to expect once you arrive at the field for the first time.

Safety Tips When Whitewater Rafting for the First Time

Learn safety tips from an industry expert on how to stay safe when whitewater rafting for the first time. There are a few simple guidelines to follow that will ensure you get the most out of your whitewater rafting adventure!

What’s The Cheapest And Most Effective Way To Learn To Kiteboard?

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport, and you must take lessons to do this sport safely. But how can I get into kiteboarding if I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest on lessons? There is one simple solution. Minimize the amount of money that you spend on lessons by investing in a trainer kite!

Fun Activity Ideas for a Winter Birthday Bash for Kids

Birthday parties are fun for all, especially kids as they enjoy exciting and engaging activities and are most excited about receiving goodie bags at the end of the event! While it may be all play and no work for the guests, planning, organizing and implementing a flawless birthday party can be quite a lot of work for the parents (the hosts).

Simple Tips to Buy Air Rifles Online

Target shooting is a recreation that can be quite a lot of fun. This is a hobby that has many takers online, and there also are professional shooters who represent our country on international platforms.

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