Best Paintball Fails & Funny Moments #9

Welcome to the Paintball version of Fail Army. All of the best paintball fails and funny moments in one place. Epic paintball gameplay always comes with it’s fair share of fails so do not take the paintball wars so seriously; this isn’t airsoft!

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Christmas Airsoft Ideas: Top 5 Airsoft Pistols

A list of the top 5 airsoft pistols to give (or receive) this holiday season. Airsoft packages are great for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Christmas Airsoft Ideas – Top 5 Airsoft Packages

A list of the top 5 airsoft packages this holiday season. Airsoft packages are great for beginners and seasoned players alike.

What Are Airsoft Upgrade Parts, and How Do I Choose the Right Parts For My Metal Gearbox AEG?

Most players grow tired of their airsoft gun’s performance after they realize the full potential of quality airsoft guns. Some players decide to purchase top tier metal gearbox AEGs to achieve a high level of performance, while others upgrade their existing metal gearbox AEGs to match the top tier guns. Both avenues of approach will deliver premium performance; however upgrading an existing metal gearbox AEG is normally much less expensive.

Ion Paintball Gun – Electronic Automatic Paintball Guns

The Ion paintball gun is a special electronic type that allows for fast firing while cutting down on paintball breakage. Here we’ll look at this technology.

Used Paintball Guns – A Must Read Before You Purchase a Paintball Gun

Buying used paintball guns can be tough, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Through this article we will help you make more informed buyer decisions.

Survival Tips For Sand-Boarding Amateurs

For those who want to test the waters of extreme sports, sand-boarding may be a good way to break into the whole experience. This article contains a few reminders for those brave enough to try and willing enough to learn from my mistakes.

Tips for Choosing the Correct Airsoft Tactical Equipment

When it comes to remaining safe and being successful at any activity, the correct equipment is undoubtedly the key, and Airsoft is no exception. Many novice Airsoft enthusiasts are often overwhelmed by the amount of equipment that experienced participants bring to a competition or operate with during friendly skirmishes.

Preparing for the Ultimate Paintball Experience

As a traveller and a paintball enthusiast, I see to it that I get to play paintball in all the places that I visit. Each country and city offers a unique paintball experience, and one of the best I had is paintballing in Reading. Playing paintball in other places require preparations.

Types of Airsoft Shotguns

Shotguns are a fairly rare sight at airsoft fields. They are more common at indoor CQB fields but generally see a lot less play than pistols or rifles. However, airsoft shotguns are actually awesome.

7 Steps to Keep Your GoPro in Top Condition

An easy 7 step method to maintaining your GoPro HD camera in NEW condition! Multiple tips and tricks for better footage from your camera and easy cleaning!

Understanding the Importance of Baselayers

Ironically, even though skiers are a group of winter sports enthusiasts that should understand the importance of the baselayer they are also the most likely to forget about layering when getting dressed. This is due to the fact that many holiday skiers simply think that the right ski jacket and set of slacks is all they need to hit the slopes in style.

Helicopter Skiing Is A Thrilling Sport

Talk about which winter sport is the most exhilarating and helicopter skiing will take an amazing lead. Helicopter skiing is commonly abbreviated as heliskiing or heli-skiing. The sport involves using a helicopter to get to places that cannot be accessed by any other means.

Thermal Boots Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities

It is not a comfortable feeling. When your feet begin to hurt due to exposure to cold weather, that strange restlessness and ache quickly radiates up through the legs and dampens your enthusiasm towards taking part in any outdoor activities. For somebody pretty active and regular in outdoor sports or even activities like walking, trekking and so on, this can be very frustrating.

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