Barrel Length and Accuracy | How To Play Paintball
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Tips for Paintballing

If you have never been paintballing before, there are some things that you need to know before you arrive. If you don’t know these things, then you are going to be quite surprised when you get there.

Caving Techniques and Tips, Danger Level

As with any sport, there is a danger level. If we take a scale of one to ten, where a one is equal to taking a walk down a busy street and a ten is equal to jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, then caving is somewhere in the middle.

Strategies For Using A Paintball Sniper Rifle

Whether it’s the gear, guns or status, the sniper position on the scenario paintball field is a highly sought after role. The ability to pick off key opposing players at will gives the owner of a precision sniper paintball rifle serious power. Just like the real thing, sniper paintball guns boast a longer, more accurate shot and are often used in the back field to provide cover fire for the more forward players. However with a little bit of ingenuity and the right type of tactical marker, you can be much more effective for your team as the sniper. Keep reading this article to learn how varying your paintball sniper rifle will allow different strategies that will make this position much more fun to play and more advantageous to your team.

Why Do We Go Into Caves? Panic Under The Mountain

Speluncaphobia is the fear of caves or claustrophobia, the fear of close places. If I know that someone is claustrophobia, I do not take them into caves.

Why Do We Go Into Caves? Dreaming of Caves

I do believe in dreams, most help us to work out things or bring to light things that bother us, but some are precognitive. I have had a few of those, maybe only one or two. It sure would be a neat thing to have a dream about a cave and then find it someday!

Why Do We Go Into Caves, Lookout Mountain Cave, Below Ruby Falls

In 1994 I was treated to a very special trip to Lookout Mountain Cave, below Ruby Falls. One of the first things the guide showed us was the Signature of Andrew Jackson, The protective glass was long gone but the bolts that held it in place were still there, and you could just make out the signature.

Why Do We Go Into Caves, Patrick Cave

Ridge walking and looking for caves can have almost as much excitement as going into caves. Sometime it helps to have a Labrador retriever, named Patrick, along to help check out holes.

Why Do We Go Into Caves? Deaton’s Cave, a Wild Past

Deaton’s Cave has a long, and shady past. A prehistoric Turtle Sculpted from stone was discover in the 1950’s when someone first attempted to convert the cave into a recreation area. After a few dances they had a shooting and it was closed.

Why Do We Go Into Caves? The Tale of Floyd Collins

We find all kinds of excuses to enter a cave. Some study the rocks and formations, others like to make maps or study the cave life, but in the end it is the mystery that holds us in its grip.

Why Do We Go Into Caves?

Why do we enter dark holes in the ground? Is this an instinct from our distance past, or just plain curiosity?

Free-Dive Spearfishing

The extreme sport of freedive spearfishing is a pure, euphoric adrenaline rush like nothing else. A combination of the dangers associated with freediving, and rewards associated with spearfishing make freedive spearfishing the exciting dangerous sport it is.

Tips for Filming With a Helmet Camera

Helmet Cameras are becoming more and more common place nowadays with everyone wanting to film their adventures and upload it onto YouTube for the world to see. But as I have found out you can easily record loads of rubbish footage that doesn’t amount to much when you come to edit for your movie. So here are a few tips on how to get the most from your helmet camera.

How to Windsurf – Lesson 8 – The Planing Jybe

The planing jybe has nothing to do with the beginners jybe other that trajectory of the board. Whereas for the beginners jybe we trundle through the water slowly, leaning back to resist the full pull of the sail, ini the planing jybe we want to mantain full speed, leaning forward so that at a given moment we have zero relative wind in the sail to shift it over. In this article I will explain exactly how to do this.

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