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The Popularity of Airsoft

Airsoft is fast becoming quite a popular sport, and as the technology improves and prices come down, it is sure to grow even further. Learn some of the other reasons why this sport is one of the most exhilarating of all!

The Pros and Cons of the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 and Ego 11 Paintball Guns

When it comes to purchasing paintball markers, there are many options available today. Two popular models among paintball aficionados include the Ego 11 and the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball gun.

Where Do I Start With Wingsuit Jumping?

Lots of people ask that question, for different (and obvious) reasons. All of it starts off with Skydiving. Your first move you ought to do should you have even the tiniest desire for this sports activity should be to go through a tandem free fall skydive.

Passenger Safety for All Powersports – Motorcycles, Scooters, Personal Watercraft and Snowmobiles

Let the passenger on your motorcycle, scooter, personal watercraft, snowmobile or ATV feel safe, secure and comfortable during a ride. Any type of device which attaches to the driver and has handles will allow a Powersport passenger to have a place to easily hold on to during a ride.

Motocross: This Is Not Your Casual Bike Ride

The past decade has demonstrated a substantial increase in the growth of the extreme sport, motocross. In such a short time, this extreme sport has taken over national extreme sporting events, and boast all-stars we have deemed as celebrities. Due to the fact that this sport has grown in viewership over the past decade, events, companies, and sponsors have helped shape and grow the sport even more to offer more visibility across the Country.

Understanding How Mental and Physical Training Benefits the Motocross Rider

Those successful in the sport of motocross will tell you, training with the right individuals and developing the right mindset will help unlock your full riding and competition potential. Being a strong athlete means fine-tuning both your body and mind to run as a cohesive and enduring machine. Think about it, you wouldn’t put your bike on the track if you weren’t completely sure that all components were able to function, so why would you take that chance by placing yourself on the track without the same care and attention.

Baja 1000 – Explore the Legendary Race and the Series It Led to Year Round!

The Baja 1000 is an historic and iconic off-track race on the beautiful and rugged Mexican Baja California peninsula. Discover the roots of all the Baja off-track races, the celebrity racers involved and the competition between motor bikes and “quads,” which are the 4-wheeled Baja buggies, Trophy Trucks and more. Dating back to the “Peninsula Run” of the 1960s, the Baja 1000 and other Baja races are now a part of the Championship Desert Racing Series produced by Short Course Off-Road Enterprises (SCORE) which was begun by legendary racer-promoter Mickey Thompson in 1973.

Are Parachuting And Skydiving The Same Thing?

The short answer is that they involve the same basic equipment but offer very different experiences. This article goes on to explain in more detail.

Top 5 High Value Airsoft Shotguns for 2012

Airsoft shotguns are a community favorite because of their sheer realism. The lock, load and pump sensation is really second to none. This year, stock your arsenal with one (or all) of the top five Airsoft shotgun deals for 2012.

You Only Need 3 Things to Start Playing Airsoft Right Now

  If you want to get started in the amazing sport of airsoft, here’s a short list of the basic gear you’re going to need to enjoy your battles with your team. One important thing to say here is that it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive equipment right away. Many players buy the bare essentials, and build upon that.

Advanced Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft sniper rifles have become much more advanced in the modern era. Some of the features are very interesting, and more importantly, uniquely useful.

What to Do With Your Airsoft Guns

Perhaps you’ve recently bought a brand new airsoft gun. Fantastic! But have you given much thought as to what you could possibly use it for? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on quite a bit of fun surrounding airsoft. So consider for a moment just a few activities you can do with your airsoft guns.

How To Make The Pass In A Motocross Race!

Passes can take place a lot of places on the track but some places are easier than others, like the corners. This is where that corner speed and practicing the corners comes into play. Corners are very important

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