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Which Airsoft BB Gun Should I Buy? – A Guide To Picking The Right Gun

This article will guide you to choosing the right airsoft BB gun. With information on gas, electric and spring guns for all price ranges. From cheap BB guns to pro guns. From shotguns and pistols to rifles.

A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Kitesurfing

There are old fighter pilots and crazy fighter pilots but never old crazy fighter pilots. This seems to directly translate to kitesurfing.

Airsoft Safety – A Refresher Course

Quick tips for staying safe on the airsoft field. How to transport your airsoft gun when off the field.

Paintball Strategy: Snap Shooting

Snap shooting, the act of performing shots in quick succession to switch from defensive to offensive position. Snap shooting can be effective when you want an offensive play with minimal probability of elimination.

White Water Rafting – New Sport for Thrill Seekers

With an inflatable boat, a few friends and the right mood, you can take part in one of the world’s best extreme sports. White water rafting is a well-liked sport amongst many communities all over the world. It is best played on white water but any water body that moves such as a river will do perfectly.

White Water Rafting for Fun and Adventure

Are you looking for something different to do this summer that gets you out of the house and out in nature? Something that is exciting and adventurous and you can stay nice and cool too? White water rafting is a great sport to get into.

Is This A Sport For You? White Water Rafting

Are you someone who is an adrenaline junkie that loves the rush while you are playing sports? Or are you the one that is the thrill seeker out of all of your friends and families? If that is you, have you ever thought about white water rafting as a sport that you might get into?

Paintball Tips and Tricks: Playing Tight

Playing tight is an advanced move in paintball that requires good positioning and keeping yourself as “little as possible” to stay in the game longer. Playing tight is an advanced tactic used to keep enemies at bay and gives you the largest probability of survivability in the game.

Military Backpacks – Why You Should Always Match Your Gear To The Journey You Plan To Go On

If you like going on adventurous journeys, you would probably need a solid military or tactical backpack. But first, find out why it is very important to carry a suitable backpack.

Paintball Player Position

Paintball is a popular game, now considered as a competitive sport. Like any other sport paintball is played wherein positions are assigned to each member. Each game type consists of different player positions that this article will discuss.

A Short History of Motocross Racing

Motocross racing has grown in popularity over the past several decades. Started in the early 1900s, motocross racing has come a long way. Read this article for a brief history on the sport.

Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball guns come in different types such as mechanical or electronic ones. In this article we will discuss what the different types of paintball guns are and also discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Freediving?

Freediving is diving on a single breath of air. Unlike Scuba, freediving is less about equipment and gadgets, but is focused on the individual. Fitness and technique play a huge part in this serene and enjoyable sport, and by concentrating on those two elements one can experience the underwater world in ways you only imagined.

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