🔴 Playing with Viewers | Warzone – Season 4 (Xbox Series X)

Playing with my loyal viewers tonight as we head into the WARZONE for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare action!

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Learning Mountain Boarding Will Take You To A New Level

Are you are looking for something to keep you going when you can’t snowboard, surf, ski or skateboard? Why not learn mountain boarding, a sport that has been around since the early 90’s. It was something that could give snowboarders a way to practice off season but it has become bigger than that.

Paintball Strategies – Elimination

One of the most common paintball games is elimination. Here are some of our own paintball strategies to help improve your game.

Good Paintball Barrel

What makes up a good paintball barrel and how to choose one. The factors which make up a good paintball barrel are also discussed.

Looking For Kayaks?

NJ offers a variety of options for those who enjoy kayaking. With so many water bodies about, you can kayak in a lake or the Delaware River, and if you are adventurous and experienced, head out to the bay or sea. For those looking for a long stretch of kayaking, Toms River is a great choice.

Paintball Facilities Can Be Found

Being able to play paintball is a great thing to do, but for some people it could prove to be impossible if they do not know where they should be looking for the location to play in. Searching web forums and search engines is a great place to start. Shops that sell paintball guns will usually have know of some good locations as well.

Setting Up a Speedball Field

If you cannot go to a commercial speedball field where you have a field set up for you, you can always consider setting up one of your own. You can set up the field however you like, but here are the common features of most speedball fields.

Windsurfing – How to Get Started?

Do you enjoy the big waves? Summer time is certainly the best time to enjoy them. The fascinating lines of foamy waves which break onto a reef or seashore will surely inspire you to try it on your own. Learning the sport of windsurfing is possible with surfing lessons widely offered during summer time. But, before going any further, consider some interesting information about this water sport.

Paintball – The Safety Shot

This is probably the most insane shot I’ve ever experienced in my paintball career. Please readers, grab your cup of coffee, take a seat and get ready to be taken back to a time long long ago in a land far far away. 6th months ago to be precise, and 30 some odd miles away…. OK so it wasn’t that long ago, or that far, but everyone loves Star Wars right?

Scenario Paintball Guns, Games and More

Scenario paintball guns…*drools*… far surpasses any other type of paintball, (in my opinion, obviously… who’s else would it be?) Anyway, the great variety of scenario paintball guns you’ll encounter and types of scenario paintball games keep the sport alive and interesting.

Kitesurfing Equipment Because Safety Comes First

You live only once hence you want to live to the fullest and make the most of opportunities you get in life. It’s a belief shared by adventure sports lovers who can’t have enough of thrills they get through their various activities.

The Reaper Vs Hustle Paintball

This story is actually kind of interesting. I was out yesterday about to work on playing tournament paintball. I went out there determined to dissect and learn the snake position. So my adventure begins.

Speedball Paintball

Interesting in speedball paintball? Not quite sure what it is? Reach this short overview of speedball paintball to find out.

Kiteboarding For Thrill Seekers

Lovers of adventure sports have always looked for new thrills to keep that adrenaline pumping through them. It’s a high that’s best experienced and cannot be described in words. Adventure sports lovers thrive on it and look for new avenues to seek their regular dose of thrills.

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