🔴 Paintballer in the Warzone – Call of Duty: Warzone – Season 4

Paintball has been shutdown where I live; so why not hop online and chat with the #NightmareNation! Today we head into the WARZONE (season 4) for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare action!

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Paintballs for Paintballing

What are the different types of paintballs? How to choose what will be best for your needs.

Safety Issues and How to Stay Balanced on the Rola-Bola

The rola-bola is also known as bongo board, teeter board or just spelled slightly different e.g. rolla bolla. It consists of a cylinder and a board (usually wooden) – you place the board on the cylinder, and then rock and roll side to side to try to stay balanced! It’s a bit like a one-man seesaw!

Rola-Bola – Beginners Moves, Tips and Tricks

Once you have mastered the standard balance on the Rola-Bola, play about with your posture (so that you can get used to recovering your balance from all sorts of positions!) This will also help you to quickly master many more tricks such as…

Power Kites or Stunt Kites

Shall I choose a power kite or stunt kite? This is a question that anyone thinking of buying a kite will inevitably ask themselves. It ultimately depends on what you are looking to gain from your flying experience.

Reach The Summits Of Mount Kilimanjaro Successfully

If you like to take up the challenge of an adventurous climb, the highest free standing mountain in the world awaits you. The long trails and the majestic peak of Kilimanjaro beckon you to watch the beautiful wilderness stretch of Africa.

The Makings of a Great Paintball Team Captain

The captain of a paintball team determines the direction of the team on and off the field. To be an effective team captain, communications skills are as important as knowing the rules of the game! In order to win, the team captain must be able to relate to each member and pull everyone together as a unit.

Paintball Rifles: Myths and Facts

Let’s expel some myths about paintball rifles. There are some things you’ll need to think about before picking out a paintball marker of any kind, whether it is a rifle, sniper rifle or plain old pistol. A paintball rifle is never going to behave like a real rifle.

Your Guide To Extreme Sports

Life is absolutely wonderful but often times we feel bored doing the same things everyday over and over again. That is why many people would want to do something different, something fun and crazy like extreme activities. If you are planning to do something thrilling to add spice into your life, make sure that you are properly equipped and you know what you are getting into.

Paintball Guns – Hopper Fed Vs Magazine Fed

So, you want to play paintball? When you are starting out, go to the field and rent your gear. When you are ready to buy your own gear, what should you buy?

Beginner Airsoft Guns – How to Pick Out Your First Airsoft Gun Successfully

Beginner Airsoft guns are always a tricky matter when you first get into the sport. Since so many different categories of guns exist like gas, electric, or spring and then the various models within each category the choice for the first gun can be from a wide selection. Since AEG’s (Airsoft Electric Gun) have the most versatile price range when it comes to the market those are always the best for a starter rifle.

Why SRC Gen III Guns Are The Best All Metal M4 Airsoft Guns You Can Buy

When looking for some of the best full metal M4’s it is always good to take a look at the SRC Gen III lineup. Like many of their high end competitors, such as G&G or ICS,SRC is based out of Taiwan and is one of the best high quality airsoft gun makers on the market. This becomes more apparent with their new generation three gearboxes that use an assortment of high quality internals such as the 8mm ball bearings and the reinforced gearbox shell.

Bane’s Gear

Every wondered what Bane’s gear is? Damn straight you have, besides being superior to the gear that The Reaper uses, Bane’s gear enjoys long walks on the beach and picnics.

Different Types of Motocross Gear

Getting into a new sport is something athletic people get all excited about, especially when it’s something that involves more than a normally acceptable amount of risk. Basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis are all examples of sports where the risk of injury are considered mild. But when you’re talking about extreme sports such as motocross, there seems to be a different kind of high that people experience, whether they’re riding the bike or merely watching a race. True enough, motocross as an extreme sport does give a rider a different level of excitement and sense of accomplishment after a successful race. And no doubt, this feeling of fulfillment comes from the joy of being able to successfully overcome the extraordinary risks that come with the sport.

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