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Airsoft Guns – How They Work

Airsoft guns have unique designs, much like any other device, and they incorporate various mechanisms to fire ammunition. Based on their varied mechanisms, these guns can be classified into three broad types- spring, electric and gas. Small sphere shaped pellets of around 6 or 8mm are used as ammunition in these guns.

What Are Airsoft Snipers?

Most people know generally what a sniper is, but just what is an Airsoft Sniper? To answer that question we need to explore more about this recreational activity. Originating in 1980’s Japan where it was illegal for private individuals to own real live firearms this low velocity replica firearm system allowed people to own guns that looks and felt like the real thing, but that are, thankfully, far less deadly.

Extreme Sports – The BMX and Motocross Pyramid Challenge, X-Games for The Insane

The future of extreme BMX and Motocross Pyramid Challenges considered. Over the course of my studies into human sports, extreme sports, and adrenal rushes I’ve come up with many potential scenarios for new extreme sporting death defying feats which would wow crowds, and cause a cheer of thunder throughout any pavilion or stadium. Man and machine versus the impossible dream jump is what I’m talking about.

Repairing A Paintball Gun

As most of you probably know, a paintball gun is a rather complicated piece of equipment as it has a lot of moving parts and as a consequence, lots of things can go wrong. Despite this downside, you should know that fixing a paintball gun is not rocket science and basically anyone can do it. In this article, we will teach you how to repair any paintball gun in a matter of hours by using simple hand tools.

Camouflaging Your Paintball Equipment

Purchasing camouflage for your paintball gear would be a very wise idea as it will make your equipment harder to detect out on the paintball field. Although it may not make it impossible to detect, but it will certainly add at least several seconds onto the time a player has before an opponent sees him and aims for a shoot. For this reason, you should use camouflage vests and outfits instead of any other color pattern.

Most Accurate A5 Barrel

There are a lot of A5 Tippmann guns out there and a common question is what is the most accurate A5 barrel. With the huge amount of choices of paintball barrels available in the market today and the first thing being the barrel which is changed on paintball guns, it is no easy answer.

Getting Yourself Started With Dirt Bike Jumps

Hurling yourself up in the air while performing tricks on a bike can be very scary. But it can give you a lot of satisfaction, if you are the type of a person who loves challenges. The great thing about it is that it makes you feel like you are flying as it allows you to defy gravity for a few split seconds. This is a sport that needs a great amount of skill in order to perform properly. Your confidence is also needed. This competitive and challenging sport is known as dirt bike jumps.

Airsoft Eye Protection

An insider’s guide to Airsoft eye protection. The pros and cons of different types of Airsoft eye gear.

Paintball Guns for Sale – 5 Things You Must Consider

With the rise in popularity of paintball, many new players are looking to buy paintball guns. Unfortunately with the wide range of models and styles to choose from, this is not an easy task with so many paintball guns for sale. In this article we will examine (1) some of the choices available and (2) things to consider before you buy.

Snow Paintball

Most players hang up their paintball equipment in the fall and pick it up again in the spring, leaving the sport for the winter months. In some of the more northern states, it stays cold longer than warm and paintballing in freezing temperatures becomes a reality for the hardcore players. With a few modifications, you can still play in the cold and snow and have a great time – if you’ve got the fortitude!

Rules and Guidelines for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has become a very popular sport in the world. But it is mostly the people living in the United States that have taken a particular interest towards this adventure sport. These people like the adrenaline rush and are always in the mood for something new and even more exciting.

Overview of Kitesurfing Injuries

Strapped to a kite wing, the kite boarder can surf on the ocean for hours if his or her arms are strong enough. Though the arms are used mostly for control if you are strapped to it. Lots of injuries can occur in this extreme sport and we’ll see in the article what they are and how important they can be.

Airsoft 101: What Is Parallax?

Technically speaking, parallax is the visible displacement of an object when viewed from two different, nonlinear points. The first time I first encountered this phenomena was with an old-school viewfinder camera as a kid. The view finder…

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