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What Paintball Fields Are Best for the Game?

There are various types of paintball fields you can take your pick from. This is because of the immense popularity which the game enjoys any day. Some paintball areas are indoors while some people even enjoy the game outdoors which normally takes place in a forested area.

Airsoft FAQ’s: Airsoft Batteries

Everything you need to know about airsoft batteries. Airsoft battery types and charging tips.

Technical Canyoneering Course Venues

Student undertaking a technical canyoneering course are expected to learn to tie many knots, hitches and bends. In addition, many different anchor rigging methods, static, contingency, abrasion prevention, are presented and then practiced by the students. I believe a properly equipped classroom with roof mounted or wall mounted rope stations is more conducive to learning knots, hitches, bends and anchor rigging than a canyon that has far fewer practice stations and limits the number of students that may be simultaneously practicing these skills.

10 Best Airsoft Concealment Tips and Tactics

The best ways to keep concealed during airsoft skirmishes. Tips for staying undetected.

Rafting in Colorado – What to Look For In a Colorado Rafting Guide

The Arkansas River boasts some of the most incredible scenery, wildlife, and rapids in the country, but what really makes a Colorado river rafting trip so special is the river guide! Rafting in Colorado is great fun, but unless you’re a trained professional, it’s not something to do on your own.

Jumping Stilts – Are They Considered and Extreme Sport?

So what is it exactly that defines an extreme sport? For one thing it has to be the opposite of what is accepted as culturally acceptable. That is, “enjoy the sport but for goodness sake be safe doing it!” There are contrarian views about the use of jumping stilts and ‘powerbocking’ as it is known, as to what level of extreme this is.

Breaking Down the Categories of Air Soft Guns

There are several popular scenarios including battlefield and urban combat and these require different roles including machine gun operator, rifleman, sniper and so forth. For all these there is a whole variety of superb Air soft guns which will favor you and even put you in a superior position above your fellow gunmen.

The Beginner To Advanced Experience of Rafting in Colorado

Colorado provides many outdoor activities to the public. In the warmer seasons, river rafting in Colorado is one of the most sought after activities, and there are multiple white water rafting trips to choose from.

BT TM 15 Marker Makes Paintball Game Exciting

Opting for the accurate BT TM 15 marker can offer you great playing experience. The internal airline operation of the gun has eliminated the external hoses while its front and rear sights will be able to give you a straight good shot.

Tips for Customizing Your Own Paintball Gun

If you’ve just purchased your first ever paintball gun, or if you’ve had one for a while but you’re starting to get bored with it, then you might be thinking about ways to customise it. There are many different ways to go about customising the look and feel of your paintball gun from purely visual modifications, to physical modifications to the hardware itself. This article will detail the top 5 ways to customise your paintball gun.

How to Prepare Yourself for Paintball for the First Time

If you’ve never played paintball before, and you’re about to have your first ever day of playing, congratulations! You’re about to have an exciting experience that you’ll probably never forget. Now it is understandable that you might be a little bit nervous too.

An Unusual Sport Where You Can Use A GPS Watch – Wingsuit Flying

Recently made popular and used during one of the action scenes in the latest Transformers movie wingsuit flying is the new alternative to base jumping. You basically wear a specifically designed bodysuit which is called a wingsuit. This wingsuit allows a human to fly through the air and control your direction.

1 Vs 1 Airsoft Combat

There are many advantages to playing airsoft with 2 people. This article entails some of the different activities and games you can play with just 2 people.

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