🔴 Community Game Night! – Come Play Jackbox TV – LIVE

Paintball has been shutdown where I live; so why not hop online and chat with the #NightmareNation! Today we play Jackbox TV LIVE. You can join in as well. Head to www.Jackbox.TV and enter the room code (Channel Members have priority)

⏩ Become a channel Member – bit.ly/NightmareNationMember

💲 Donations are always welcomed – streamlabs.com/nightmare_pb/tip

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Raincheck Please! Paintball For A Dismal Day

Most paintball games are played outdoors and can sometimes be weather dependent. Don’t let a little rain spoil your favorite sport! As long as you take a few precautions with your paintball gear, it is perfectly fine to play paintball in the rain. In fact, it can add a bit of spice, adventure and even variation to your game. Playing in the rain is an entirely different ordeal than on dry ground.

Airsoft BB Guns: No Child’s Play

The first BB gun was introduced in 1938 and is modeled after the western Winchester rifle. There was a craze it generated and rose to become an iconic toy. Of course, owing to its popularity it is still in production today…

8 Reasons to Avoid Extreme Sports

People advertise extreme sport events and courses like it’s something safe and cool you want to do. Ha! But it’s not! It’s not like learning to play chess or watching a cool movie, not at all.

Full Metal Airsoft Guns Vs Plastic Airsoft Guns

Choosing the right airsoft gun depends on many factors. Choosing a high quality full metal airsoft gun instead of a cheap plastic gun has many benefits.

Mount Kilimanjaro – Machame Route Itinerary Suggestion

Marangu is the easiest route to the summit of Kilimanjaro. But Machame is the most scenic one. If you want to soak in the real beauty of Kilimanjaro, you are well advised to choose Machame Route. Providing you an extra day for acclimatization, it increases your chances of reaching to the summit.

Underground Fight Clubs: Sport or Epidemic?

I understand underground gambling and underground street racing (though illegal), but when underground fight clubs are formed for the sole purpose of college and high school aged students beating each other senseless, I think the line has been crossed as an intelligent, respectable society. Similar to the popular movie “Fight Club”, these hidden groups of America’s children and youth are forming groups and battling in homes, schools and parks. Usually, these kids aren’t even using gloves.

Discover Fun-Filled Adventure With Motorized Paragliding

Many of us would really love to try something new at one point in our lives. That is, something different and challenging yet a fun-filled adventure. Flying above the skies has always been a dream of anyone. And yet, jumping out from the plane may be too traumatic for some individuals (e.g. sky diving). So here’s a fun yet still an adventurous thing to try. Motorized paragliding has its own way of instilling tickled senses on us.

Paintball Ninja Stealth Techniques

Stealthy movement on the paintball field is the only way to stay alive in this fast paced game. Learn the fine art of moving like a stealthy ninja and you’ll stay alive longer and most likely win the match. Remaining silent and invisible makes you an extremely hard target to hit and a surprise to your enemy when you ambush him!

The Golden Rules of Skydiving

If you want to go skydiving for the very first time, there are some things you should know before you book your excursion. Remember, skydiving is an extreme sport, and it certainly has its own share of risks associated with it.

Water Sports Need Good Quality Equipment To Stay Safe

This article highlights the use of good websites to buy all kinds of canoe accessories and rigging. It also shows that basic tools must be carried at all times too.

Kiteboarding Locations in Asia

Enjoy kiteboarding and kitesurfing to the most ideal spots throughout Asia. Find out the best places to go for an exciting kiteboarding experience.

Customize Your Paintball Gun

If you have your own paintball marker you will be able to save some money when visiting fields, as you will not have to rent a gun. Furthermore, you have the possibility to customize the gun as you desire, picking out from many styles of customization, ranging from paintjobs to adding various parts designed to improve the gun’s performance. If you want to apply camouflage paint on your paintball gun, we’d recommend a woodland camouflage pattern that uses a combination of khaki, brown and forest green.

Necessary Equipment For A Paintball Scenario Game

If you are going to take part in a role-playing, scene-evoking paintball scenario game that could last anywhere from several hours to even a couple of days, you should plan ahead and double check to see that you will have all the necessary equipment. Make sure that the essentials of the paintball game have received approval from the scenario game staff: barrel plug/sock, paintball marker, paintball mask, power source and clothing which should not be too tight or too baggy. In addition, don’t forget to pack a spare barrel and/or marker, paintballs for target practice, at least one additional…

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